Screen spline sizes

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This article has been viewed 29, times. Learn more A screen spline is a rubber cord that keeps the window screen secure in its frame. If you've purchased a new window or your old spline is damaged, you'll need to purchase a new screen spline. Take measurements of the old spline or the window frame groove to make sure you purchase the right spline size. All you need to know is the spline diameter and width!

To measure your screen spline, start by removing the screen frame from the window. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the screen spline up and out of the frame. Lay the screen spline on a flat surface and position your tape measure across 1 end to find the diameter, or width.

Buy a new spline with the same measurement. If your new spline is longer than what you need, simply cut it down to the proper size with scissors or a sharp knife. You can then press the spline into the frame groove and use a spline roller to smooth over any raised areas. To learn how to adjust your spline to make sure it fits your screen properly, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow.While measuring your screen doors, windows or any other area that needs to be screened seems like a fairly straightforward process, there are a few things that you might overlook, such as measuring for the spline that will secure your screen in the frame itself. Spline is a type of vinyl cording that fixes the screening material into the frame.

Spline is rolled into the grooves using a spline roller or screen mouse -- tools that are specifically designed to make it easier to press the spline into the grooves in a smooth, fluid motion. The charts below can show you which type of spline you should use for your screen. The spline itself is flexible and able to be rolled into grooves that are thinner than it is wide.

Not all screen framing is the same. Channel size where spline will be rolled varies, so please measure accordingly. Need some inspiration? Check out some of our DIY videos. Whether you decide to DIY, or leave it to the professionals, take our quiz to find out which of our screening products is right for you. You can also use our screening selection guide to help make your decision. Have any questions? Please contact us. We can even help you locate a Phifer retailer where you can find our products in stores or online.

Generic filters. Measure the spline groove on the screen frame.

Round Spline

The spline size should match the spline groove width when using standard fiberglass or aluminum screening or when repairing a damaged screen with the same material. Refer to the chart below for product exceptions. Spline sizes are shown in decimals to match fractional spline groove measurements in inches. Take Our Quiz. Screening Types:. Standard Fiberglass Insect Screening.

Download Spline Selection Chart. Screen Spline Diameter Chart. Flat Spline. Download Spline Diameter Chart. More Tips for Measuring Your Screen. Take note of any mounting hardware you may need, including tension springs, frame lineals, and corner brackets. For more helpful tips on measuring different types of windows frames and more, check out our video tutorial.

Aluminum Insect Screening. Pool and Patio Screening.This roll contains approx 1, feet. A little difficult to make out the rounded side vs. Exact replacement spline for my existing sreens. Each screen is about nine feet square, this spline holds them tightly. Installed easily with help from some liquid soap to lubricate the spline. Delivery was prompt, Good value in the large 1, ft spool. I was searching for a flat spline that would be compatible with heavy duty pet screen in a porch screening system track.

The manufacturer of the track said it couldn't be done but this spline made installation very easy without compromising the strength of the result. I love this spline! Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. Quality Screen Doors for All Openings.

Bug Flap Corners Inside Corners. Screen Frame Small Box. View all Brands. Home Spline Flat Super Spline. You save. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article. Product Description.Hello, I've attached three photos of screens from my vintage Anderson casement windows.

The screen is held in place with metal spline. The width of the frames, both the same for both sizes of screens, is 0. What size foam or plastic spline do you recommend if I am installing fiberglass replacement screen?

I have a spline tool I got at Home Depot and used with the 0. Can I use that tool with the spline you recommend for Anderson screens or do I need to buy a new tool just for the Anderson screens? Thanks in advance for your reply! Jim in Jamestown. Hey, Jim. We recommend our screen spline for Andersen screens, but we find that the aluminum wire holds in better than fiberglass in these older frames. The screen rolling tool you have should be fine to use.

screen spline sizes

A quick learner from Jamestown RI says:. Thanks so much for the speedy reply! I can see how it would be more likely to stay in place rather than the fiberglass variety. I'll send in my order tomorrow for the spline, and maybe buy that superfine screen, too, for better visibility through these two windows.

Thanks again! Not a problem! Let us know if you need anything else, Jim. I'd be happy to help.

Screen Spline Size Guide

I noticed your post and I'm in the process of replacing my Andersen screens also Reply to Thread. Use this form to ask a follow-up question or to share your experience regarding this subject. Add Photos.At Quality Window Screen Co. We offer several flat screen spline options to choose from.

The Flat Screen Retainer Spline is typically used for screen patios, as well as porch structures. We also have the Flat Vinyl Screen Spline in. This popular spline for screens is made of high-quality vinyl in a foot roll. This is also widely used for patio screen repair and fabrication. Each of these options come in black and grey. The pound roll of serrated spline is exactly what you need for your screening business and other large projects. Choose from widths ranging from.

These come in both black and grey as well.

screen spline sizes

For smaller household projects, choose the foot spline for screening. The Foam Core Screen Spline is very useful and may be just what you need. It can be more easily fitted into grooves, so if your measurements are just a tad off from the sizes we offer, the foam core will allow the spline to work regardless.

Choose from widths from. Please note:. If you have questions about our screening spline inventory, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at for more information. All employees are practicing social distancing, good hygiene and other recommended COVID protocols. Printable version. Perfect for Screen Patio and Porch Structures. More Resilient and Versatile Than Vinyl.

screen spline sizes

Foam Core Screen Spline has more compressibility than Screen Retainer Spline - Foot Roll. Screen Retainer Spline is a high quality, serrated hollow core vinyl used for repairing, Serrated Spline ' Black. Serrated Spline 15 lb Roll. Serrated Screen Retainer Spline is a high quality, serrated hollow core vinyl used for repairing, Spring Plunger Bolts.

Read more product reviews. Cart is empty. Call or Email. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Contact us About Us.The answer is not always simple. The primary determination is the size of the screen frame chanel opening.

Once the screen frame channel opening is determined then the screen choice helps guide the final decision. Typically you use spline that is. You want spline to be bigger than the actual opening so it fits snug and doesnt blow out during wind or light pressue. When using Pet Screen, Suntex or other thicker materials than standard fiberglass screen.

Spline determination is not always exact. As an example 4 sheets of copy paper is. So the differnce between a. So even if you choose the wrong size its better to error slightly larger and stretch the spline slightly to a smaller diameter for a smooth snug fit.

The best way to measure if your usung the same frame or structure is to remove the old spline and measure. If using the same type of screen or similiar in thickness, then measure what currently being used and replace with the same. The ideal measuring tool is a caliper or a micrometer.

Its hard to use a tape measure or ruller when trying to measue somthing at. In certain areas and with certain products a Flat Spline is used. Typically this is much simpler to identify and order. With Flat spline accomodating thicker materials is much more difficult. Pool enclosures and products like Fast Track that call for a flat spline are limited to Fiberglass and Tuff Screen products for use. Round Spline is most typical across the USA.

The principle is the same, measure the diameter of the current spline or measure the channel dimensions and order accoringly. With OUR frame we offer a spline sizing chart to help make the determination.

We offer spline sizes from.A screen spline is a flexible cord that allows a snug fit for the window screen on the frame.

How to Restore, Update, and Screen in a Porch

Different kinds of screen splines are available in the market and are usually included in replacement window screen kits for ease of assembly; however, not all kinds of spline are right for every screen. In fact, there are types of spline intended for different purposes that includes: Foam Screening Spline made from round polyfoam, round EDPM, round hollow core vinyl, flat screen spline, vinyl T-splines, square aluminum and round steel.

Foam Screening Spline is the easiest material for a novice to work with. The most common sizes or diameters for the Foam Screening Spline are. These sizes are pretty common and are sold predominantly by many window suppliers. This screen spline is made from very flexible rubber with chemicals to make it UV-resistant. One of the useful characteristics of round EDPM is its ability to be stretched a little as you roll it in the spline channel.

This also a characteristic of hollow core vinyl which helps in installing a larger diameter screening spline for the frame you are working on. However, Foam Screening Spline is suggested for the beginner since it is easier to roll into the spline channel and can be used in a wide variety of frame styles. This screen spline is used for very thin screen frames used mainly for aluminum storm doors. However, when you work with T-spline, it is important to get the exact size otherwise it will not work.

This spline is not like the Foam Screening Spline that can be used for any size of window frame. If you are replacing full screen splining, your option would be glazing stop vinyl which will cover the edges of the exposed glass around the perimeter of the aluminum doors. There are glazing stop vinyl splines of the same size as your flat screen splining.

In order to correctly identify the size of the screen spline you need, have a piece of the old splining material for comparison. You can also use a tape measure but make sure to get the most accurate measurements. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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